9 Things to consider while buying Life Insurance

9 Things to consider while buying Life Insurance
  1. Your insurance cover should be 10 times more than your annual income.
  2. Ask your insurance provider what the policy doesn’t cover.
  3. Review your insurance needs on a yearly basis.
  4. You should tell your insurer about any existing policy.
  5. Take into account any Pre-existing medical complication or property loans while selecting the life cover.
  6. Claim settlement ratio of an insurance company should also be considered when buying a product.
  7. Insurance is a life cover and a long-term investment and savings tool. You need to define your need like your child’s education or retirement.
  8. Consider not to invest only in one policy, try taking multiple policies because one policy might not cover everything.
  9. It is not recommended to buy the same policy from same insurer or other.

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